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    Deploy - Multiple Jar with entities.

    Livia Santos Newbie


      I have a question about deployment.
      I'm trying to integrate three systems through a database. So the idea is to isolate each ear and it's entities. So I would have app1.ear and its app1-entities.jar and app1-services.jar. I would also have appp2.ear that depends on app1 entities and service. I decided to place app1-entities.jar and app1-services.jar at app2.ear lib.

      Is it the right thing to do? I mean, when I have app1-entities.jar and app1-services.jar in both ear files (app1 and app2), is it right? When will app1-entities.jar be deployed?

      Is is better to place app1-entities.jar at $JBOSS_SERVER/server/all/lib, for instance?

      Thanks in advance!