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    Lookup object doesn't implement java.rmi.Remote

    Cristian Benjamin Sostaric Newbie

      I've been working with JBoss AS 4.2.0.GA, exposing some stateless ejb and consuming it with the following code:

      Remote executer = (Remote) context.lookup("MockExecuter/remote");
      Object out = executer.getClass().getMethod("execute", String.class).invoke(executer, "");
      assertEquals("done", out);

      The reason why I use Remote instead of the bussiness interface, it's because I want to do a generic implementation for an ESB's "EBJ 3.0- Transport".

      Last week, I start to do some things over JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA and I realize that the same SLSB no longer implements the Remote interface...

      Is it the expected behavior, or I'm missing something?

      Should I use JBossProxy instead?