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    no more ejb3 EA with netbeans 6.1 !!??

    je le Newbie

      I'm using netbeans 6.0 beta for month, worlking in an ejb3.0 entreprise application for jboss (4.2.1GA) (linux x64 jdk 1.6)
      I have no problems, injections work fine. I tried to the new build 6.1.
      Surprisly, if i create a new project, now I have only j2ee 1.4 for jboss !! - for glassfish, j2ee5 - btw it's the same jboss sever :-)

      One difference between nb6.0beta and nb6.1 is the jboss module, 1.6 to 1.8
      (I tried several arch, from minimal+downloaded module to full arch)

      Anyone in the same situation ? any hint how to fix this ??


      - I wanted to see eclipse ide; Ok, I saw... -