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    Hello EJB

    Saeed AL-Khen Newbie

      Hi every body
      I'm beginner in EJB and JBoss.
      I have some experience in Eclipse (Pure Eclipse without using large plug ins)
      I need any tutorial for Create an application using Eclipse and JBoss 4.2
      I need any tutorial for Beginners in EJB (3.0) ---Hello World or some thing like that---
      I search through the web but i disappointed... because all tutorials suppose that you are professional in J2EE and EJB technologies....
      I'm so interested with learning these technologies so i started from Hibernate then I learned JSP, JSTL, Servlets, JSF (Pure JSF and RichFaces), Faclets..
      Now the hole of my experience is the EJB... So Please Help me

      Thanks a lot

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          Sebastien Degardin Newbie

          Hi there,

          If I can give you an advise, try to understand the kind of problem that EJB (3 for instance) try to solve, that will help you to understand how it works.

          This tutorial is available http://www.jboss.org/jbossejb3/docs/tutorial/

          The is also the great book "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0" from O'reilly.

          There is also the book (available in PDF for free) "The Java EE5 tutorial".

          Hope it will help.

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            Saeed AL-Khen Newbie

            Thanks for your interesting.... I appreciate that

            Any another help or advice is welcomed

            thanks again

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              Saeed AL-Khen Newbie

              Hello Every body ... Another Question please

              I Used Eclipse and JBoss AS 4.2...
              I create a new EJB Project containing one simple Calculator stateless session bean and deploy it to the JBoss AS and Every think is OK

              After that I create a Java Project,,, I need to make this java project like a client for my First Calculator project at the Application Server..
              I need the standard method to make the connection between these two projects ... I need to access to the method in my session bean from the client Application....

              Every advice is appreciated...............