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    EJB3 inside a WAR

    Luc DEW Newbie


      i am new to EJB3 and i would like to know if JBoss AS 4.2.X supports packaging of an EJB3 inside a War file.

      I annotated an interface and its implementation with respectively @Remote and @Stateless annotations and packaged the classes in a jar file. The jar file is in turn packaged in the WEB-INF/lib directory of my WAR file.

      I deployed the war file but the session stateless EJB does not seem to be discoverd at deployment time. So is it possible to package an EJB3 in a war file ? Are there any requirements for this ? Do i have to declare them in the jboss-web.xml or create an ejb-jar.xml file ?

      Thanks for your help,