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    Interceptors per MDB

    Brad Fach Newbie


      I have setup my interceptor in such a fashion:

      public Object onMessage(InvocationContext invocationContext) throws Exception{

      Object result = invocationContext.proceed();
      return result;


      class MDBclass {

      public void onMessage(Message msg) {

      // do something



      This works fine however I want to have a seperate INSTANCE of a interceptor for each separate deployment of the MDB class that is listed in the deployment descriptors. As it is now, the interceptor intercepts all calls to on message for all EJBs.

      I want an instance of the same interceptor for each MDB ejb deployment.

      I have found a few things but they are all different ways and i haven't figured out how to make them work. Any hints on how i could do this would be greatly appreciated.