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    Niranjan Sanagari Newbie

      I am new to EJB 3.0 and Jboss4.2.3 GA and building the application in MyEclipse6.5. We are unable to deploy the application in JBoss as we dont know the JBoss files to run enterprise application project(J2EE) .
      Can any one can give me the samples or tell me how to configure and deploy.

      Thanking you,

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Are you packaging your EJB as a JAR file or as a JAR within an EAR? Could you list the contents of the JAR (and EAR)? (Use "jar -tf xxx.jar")

          I has a simple Hello EJB I deployed as a JAR. The entire contents of my JAR is:


          I placed my JAR file in server/xxx/deploy (where xxx is the configuration name, usually 'default')

          By the way, in this forum we will help you manually get your EJB deployed, but as for the magic required by MyEclipse, you will probably have to ask elsewhere.