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    Really confused on the Embedded concept for testing (I'm usi

    Rick Reumann Newbie

      I'm working on trying to understand how to do some more complete (I supposed integration testing) of my application (an EJB3/JPA app deployed to JBoss5.)

      Currently my maven build runs TestNG and will run some unit tests of the stateless session beans as pojos for the JPA stuff (I call a setter in the slsb providing it my EntityManager.)

      I'd like to mess around using embedded JBoss, but I'm totally confused on where to start and what example code to follow. I hear some things about if you are using JBoss5 you can use that itself and shouldn't use the embedded JBoss download? Examples also seem to show different ways of doing things and the wiki documentation seems a bit sparse https://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-9690;jsessionid=618372FCB806854D6527206436B88AD5

      Where is the actual documentation? If I look in the docs in the download there is one html page but it's not covering stuff that I see all throughout the test cases, such as AssembledContextFactory

      Is my best approach to just try to duplicate things that I'm seeing in the embedded-jboss-beta3 tutorial junit test dir? THanks for any help.[/url]