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    tools to conduct code review on EJB3 code (MDBs, Session Bea

    ilango gurusamy Novice

      What is the best approach to conducting a code review on EJB3 code?
      Currently I deploy EARs into JBoss 5 CR2. I would like to be able to do a code review. My understanding is that there is a formal procedure that includes the use of tools to make this happen.

      Any advise on tools, procedures, are appreciated very much.Thanks in advance.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          For my projects, in Eclipse I set up a specific code style (Windows | Preferences | Java | Code Style | Formatter) and compiler warnings/errors (Windows | Preferences | Java | Compiler | Errors/Warnings) and make all team members use those settings. I require that before any code gets placed in source control that Eclipse does not highlight any errors or warnings, but if a warning is necessary then a comment must appear in the code to justify the warning.

          In addition, I use the CheckStyle plugin in Eclipse, and in the Maven and Ant build scripts.

          There was another standalone tool I used at one point, but cannot offhand recall what it was - it is no longer on my PC.

          This allows us to concentrate on reviewing algorithms when doing code reviews.