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    Configure EJB3 Container name in Jboss JMX Console

    Joemir Luchetta Newbie

      I have a problem and already search in books, internet, but don't find anything that solve my problem.
      The problem is that i make a migration from EJB2 to EJB3 in the application that i develop, using a remote interface configure with the annotation @javax.ejb.Remote and a class that representa a Stateles Session Bean that implementas the remote interface, the simple body that represents a Stateless Session Bena in the aplications is bellow:

      public class PBXServerFacadeBean implements PBXServerRemote


      The EJB3 is working without any problem in the application, using the address in the property jndiBinding, but have a detail that each Session Bean is loading in JMX Console with the name of ear and the jar name wehre the Sessions are included, as we can see in example bellow:


      So when a wiil configure the dependencency of the services i need to insert the entire name of EJB and this is very bad for me, beacause it include the jar name that have a version, so if a release anotther version of EJB a will need to change the jboss-service.xml of all services. I would like to know if have a way to change this name in JMX console and don't include de jar name.

      I already made many changes that a see in books and in internet, but i don't find a solution to change this name in Jboss, if somebody know about his and can help.