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    Logs of System Exception

    Benoit de CHATEAUVIEUX Newbie

      Hi All,

      In the EJB 3.0 specs I can read (table 14):

      Bean method runs in the context of a transaction that the container started immediately before dispatching the business method.
      This case may happen with Required and RequiresNew attributes.

      System Exception -->
      1- Log the exception or error.
      2- Rollback the container-started transaction.
      3- Discard instance.
      4- Throw EJBException to client.

      I made a simple test:
      public class TestExceptionBean implements TestExceptionBeanRemote {
       public void test() {
       throw new RuntimeException("test");

      With the Administration console, I can see Jboss discarding the EJB instance.
      The transaction is well rolled-back.
      The EJBException is sent to the client.
      But I can't see my System Exception in the log.
      Any idea ?

      Thanks a lot in advcance,