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    Dynamically provide user and password for MDB

    Lars Meynberg Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      we have a huge problem over here and I'm wondering if somebody else have solved this problem.

      We have developed a application on JBoss 4.2.3 with MDBs that listen to queue provided by a remote provider. Everthing works fine but the queues needed a user. the only solution that i have found is to define user and password with annotations:

      @MessageDriven(name = "IncomingSupplierOrderListener", activationConfig = {
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Topic"),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "destination", propertyValue = "topic/TOPICNAME"),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "subscriptionDurability", propertyValue = "NonDurable"),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "providerAdapterJNDI", propertyValue = "java:/Remote_JMSProvider"),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "user", propertyValue = MessageConstants.INCOMING_USER),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "password", propertyValue = MessageConstants.INCOMING_USER_PASS),
       @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName = "acknowledgeMode", propertyValue = "AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE/Auto-acknowledge") })

      Both are set over constants. But we need to change these settings on runtime. Have anybody an idea how to solve this?

      Best Regards