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    EBJ configuration help needed!!!

    Kumar Jaya Newbie


      I am running EJB3.0 along with hibernate in jboss 4.2.2. I am having an EJB with method Parent() which calls another EJB with a method
      A() which in turn calls a DAO layer method B() which makes a select statment. I have given @TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW)
      for method A(). I printed the execution time of the method A() in method Parent() and printing the execution time of the query within the DAO
      method B().

      They are as follows in secs
      A() - 0.063 -> B() - 0.015
      A() - 0.063 -> B() - 0.031
      A() - 1.563 -> B() - 0.032
      A() - 1.875 -> B() - 1.531
      A() - 1.828 -> B() - 1.578

      Why is there a sudden increase in excecution time (1.563) of method A() even when my corrresponding DAO method B() takes only little time (0.032) to complete. The corresponding calls are all increased.. The calls to method A() will be approximately 40 per second so my application is fast running. Is there something wrong in configurations of my JBOSS or is there a way to avoid it ???

      Thanks in Advance

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          Kumar Jaya Newbie

          I tried many ways to get this fixed... but it didnot help me. I meddled with the
          jboss-service.xml file under \all\deploy\ejb3.deployer\META-INF folder by setting


          maxPoolSize=600 attribute, which didnot work.

          I also changed my standardjboss.xml file under \all\conf folder for maximum pool size of by stateless session beans..

          Standard Stateless SessionBean

          which didnot work...

          I am making only local calls to my EJBs (3.0) , so what invokers will be involved in the calls and where can I alter them???

          Thanks in advance