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    MDB auto-create destination in JBoss 5

    greigm Newbie


      I've been happily using EJB3 MDBs in 4.2.2 for some time and they auto-create their destination queues/topics nicely.

      I'm looking to do the same in 5.0.0 but can't quite figure out how to get the destinations to auto-create when the MDB is created.

      I've found this:

      which states

      To enable the behaviour you need to add
      on the <message-driven/> in your jboss.xml

      but I don't have a jboss.xml file in my 5.0.0 structure (or if I do Windows Vista's search function is worse than we all imagined!) - can anyone tell me in a kind of "dummy's guide" how to switch on destination auto-creation?

      Many thanks and apologies for being more than slightly stoopid....