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    Migration of EJB3 to JBoss5 from JBoss4.2.2

    Karl Koster Newbie

      I am moving a number of EJB3 beans from JBoss 4.2.2 to JBoss 5.0.0. After making the annotation alterations (everything is being handled by annotation, no xml deployment descriptors), I repackaged everything in the same manner that I did under 4.2.2.

      The first thing that struck me was that it looks like the .ejb3 file extension is no longer recognized by the deployers. I altered the extension to .jar and re-deployed.

      I am now getting class not found errors from the deployment. My packaging contains jars of my core classes nested within the jar and a manifest referring to the jars

      e.g. (pseudo package)

       MANIFEST.MF (w/Class-Path referring to core jars)

      Under 4.2.2 this deployed without an issue. However, it looks like 5.0.0 no longer recognizes the Class-Path or does not unbundle the jar file in the same fashion as 4.2.2.

      Is this the case? If it is, is there a workaround for this packaging scenario?