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    JVM container?

    ts chuah Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am new to Java and also EJB. I have the following question which may look simple for you, but is complex for me.

      Here are my questions:

      1. What is JVM container? Can I say that one application server is running on one JVM container?

      2. I have read an EJB3 book, it did mention the following statement.

      "By remote, we mean a client that does not reside in the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as the container."

      How do we know the code is reside in the same JVM container?


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          Wolfgang Knauf Master


          I will answer question 2, hopefully this gives the right hints to answer question 1 (which I do not understand fully ;-) ).

          The "Container" is the app server, which is the container for the EJB implementation.

          A "remote client" could also be defined as a different process (another java.exe listed in task manager) of your operating system. The communication between the client process and the server process is handled the same way is if they were on different machines: the client connects to a specific port on the server machine.

          I hope this helps


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            ts chuah Newbie

            Hi Wolfgang,

            You are clearing my doubt. Thanks a lot