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    Session Bean call from an MBean, isolation and the TCCL

    O. S. Newbie


      I have an EAR containing an MBean and a Session Bean. Isolation is turned on. The Session Beans interface is not visible, since it should only be called via the MBean.

      When I call the EJB3 Session bean from an MBeans method the


      checks if the Session Beans Proxy is loaded by the same classloader as the currents threads context classloader (TCCL). If not, it tries to relaod the Classes with the TCCL. But if the MBeans method is invoked from a WebContext (e.g. jmx-console) it fails with

      RuntimeException("Can not find interface declared by Proxy in our CL + " + tcl, e)

      since the Session Beans remote interface is not (and shall not) be visible from the Web context.

      Is there a way to call a EJB3 Session Bean from an MBean while avoiding the reload of the classes by the SessionProxyObjectFactory?

      Thanks in advance