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    Access the EJB2 bean from EJB3 Service problem

    Konstantin Ermakov Newbie


      I am writing a small EJB3 Service app, which should call the EJB2 app. The code looks like this:

      class MyManagement implements ManagementI, RemoteI {
      public void start() throws Exception() {
      ServiceHome home = (ServiceHome) context.lookup("IamHere");
      ServiceImpl impl = home.create(ctx); // <--

      As soon as I call "home.create" the jboss hangs. What I noticed, that If I will deploy my service after the JBoss start and EJB2 app will be completly deployed, everything works fine. It seems to me, that I have to wait for the "start" of EJB2 App and not for the "Deploy". Does somebody met the similar problem? Any ideas?