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    Persistence context propagation on remote calls

    Adam Warski Master


      if I call a remote bean (transaction is propagated), which happens to be deployed on the same JVM (same JBoss, same ear even), will the PC be propagated?

      I know of two rules governing PC propagation:
      1. a PC is not propagated on remote calls
      2. a PC is propagated along with the transaction

      and I thought that the 1st rule always takes precedence - that is, whenever there's a remote call, the PC is not propagated. But I just saw a case in JBoss (4.2.3, Hiberante 3.3.1), where this was not so: the PC was propagated, although the call is remote (but in the same application).

      So is this a whole in the spec, a bug in JBoss EJB3, or is the PC not propagated on remote calls only when the call is "really" remote? (meaning that you couldn't really rely on the PC being propagated or not in your bean)