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    Problems with reading from a blob - length of byte's array a

    Jack White Newbie

      My configuration:
      1. Linux Red Hat
      2. JBoss 4.2.0
      3. Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
      4. Oracle's driver - ojdbc14-, orai18n-

      When I invoke ejb3-methods that should return me a byte's array (I have fields of objects mapped to a blobs) I always get a truncated byte's array with length equals 86 bytes %-0. It is very strange because all invocations very different - different ejb3-methods, tables, fields' mappings (orm.xml). And it is only true for configuration mentioned above in some server.

      I couldn't reproduce the same problem in other servers (they have similar configuration) but the first server very important - it is a PRODUCTION server.