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    JSF memory problems

    Anton Kuranov Newbie

      Hi all,

      I develop Richfaces website which supposed to support thousands of visitors. I made some profiling tests and note that JSF (any implementation) + Richfaces consume a LOT OF memory per session.

      Is any way to reduce this amount of memory? Is any parameters in richfaces or jsf (I use Sun RI implementation)?

      Decreasing com.sun.faces.numberOfViewsInSession parameter in RI implementation helps a lot, but not enough.

      Client state I think this is weird in client/server programming concept in general and not work for really loaded site.

      Thanks in advance!

      P.S. Another problem is also memory consumption when Richfaces (jsf) renders a page, uses 20-30 Mbytes!!! just only for rendering of one single page, of course this memory lately eliminating by garbage collector, but maybe someone knows any tricks how to boost jsf and richfaces to use less memory?