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    Control SLSB min pool size

    fred Newbie

      Hi all,

      Apparently, there is no way in JBoss to manage the minimum number of instances in the pool of a Stateless Session Bean.


      I have a stateless session bean that have an expensive initialization (load an XACML PDP). I would like to init a certain number of instances at start up to be effective at first client call. With no min pool size, it is obviously not possible.

      I guess there are alternatives to this kind of needs. Other design?
      (To be more precise, I decided to load my XACML PDP from an SLSB as the XACML does not seem to be thread safe. If I have one PDP instance associated with each EJB instance, I'm sure calls will be done synchronized with a capacity to increase the pool if I have perf problems...)

      Many thanks in advance,