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    ejb-jar indirection

    howard goldberg Newbie

      I'm fuzzy on the patterns to create indirection using the right annotation attributes in conjunction with ejb-jar entries, and I haven't found a good reference or example. Can someone help with the following:

      I have interfaces

      @Local ILocal extends I
      @Remote IRemote extends I

      and 2 different beans that implement these interfaces
      @Stateless VendorAImpl implements ILocal, IRemote
      @Stateless VendorBImpl implements ILocal, IRemote

      In a separate module, I have a dependency injection
      @ejb ILocal someVendorImpl;

      How do I set up the ejb-jar files in both modules so that the module containing the dependency injection can independently refer to either vendor-specific modules.

      2. The module containing the dependency injection shouldn't care whether the referenced bean is local or remote,
      e.g., @ejb I someVendorImpl;

      How do I set up the ejb-jar files so that the module contianing the dependency injection is independent of the implementation's actual location.