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    Is Ajax call possible during interruppted request by Filter?

    Max Laenzlinger Newbie


      While there is no database conecctivity, i stop the request in a filter with a loop.
      During that time i want show the user a kind of Popup telling that Database at moment not is available. This i imagina can be done by polling from the client to the server if the request is stopped, but nothing happend. Maybe because poll is not asyncrous Ajax?

      Is there any idea to bring information to the client?

      1. Idea:I thout of maybe a timer in javascript calling via Ajax the therver, this also during stoped requests, and when it deliviers information that its stopped the javascript can show a message.

      2. Idea: When stopping the request, i forward to a information page, and keep original request and response object, the information page waits until the stop is finished and initiates the original request/response...

      Which idea could solve? Any better ideas?

      Thanks very much for all ideas - MAx