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    communicate with a remote JNDI EJB3 object

    sam wun Newbie


      With the Calculator example in ejb3 tutorial, I can execute an ejb3 client communicate with the Calculator ejb3 bean, that is fine. But if I want to execute this Calculator client on a remote machine, how can I make change to the Calculator client java class so that it can communicate with the EJB3 object on the server side (thru JNDI)?

      Very appreciate for any suggestion.


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          jaikiran pai Master

          You will find a jndi.properties in the client classpath (source code). You can edit that to point to the remote server. Here's an example:


          Remote-Machine-IP is the IP/hostname of the remote server which hosts the EJB. 1099 is the Naming port (by default) of the remote server.