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    Testing MDBs

    Jozef Hartinger Master


      I am writting a test that verifies that my MDB is instantiated properly. I need the container to create a new instance in a normal way (including execution of @PostConstruct callback) The most intuitive way of testing this is to set up a queue, subscribe the MDB to it and send a message to the queue - letting the container to do the instantation, however:

      1) I need the test to be able to run on various containers. Therefore, I cannot depend on vendor specific ways of JMS configuration etc.
      2) The test should be as little complex as possible.

      So to summarize, I need to make the container instantiate my MDB in a fully EE5 compatible way.

      Any ideas will be appreciated.

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          Andrew Rubinger Master

          While MDBs themselves are agnostic to the vendor container, the activation config properties and their values are not.

          Recommend extracting this metadata into a partial XML descriptor, and making one descriptor per target container. The build may then leave you with separate artifacts specific to each vendor, while the underlying class is the same.