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    a4j:support event onexpand not working in firefox with rich:

    Peter Dams Newbie

      a4j:support event="onexpand" not working in firefox with rich:panelMenuGroup. In IE7 this works perfect but in firefox bean method is not called and oncomplete is also not called. OnSubmit is called but that's all.
      I'm using Richfaces 3.2.1.GA.

      XHTML-code :

      <rich:panelMenuGroup label="#{pg.description}" expandmode="ajax">
      <a4j:support event="onexpand" onsubmit="alert('submit')" oncomplete="alert('complete')" actionListener="#{bean.onexpand}" reRender="menuPanel">
      <f:param name="productGroupId" value="#{pg.id}"/>