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    Timer Service - ejbtimeout is not returned.

    Roded Hess Newbie

      I have a problem in which an ejbtimeout method does not return.
      This leads to no new timer events. Is it possible to make the behaviour of ejbtimeout to overlap previous timer events even if the last one did not exit yet? How can I stop the current ejbtimeout method invocation?

      Thanks in advanced,

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          Gerbrand van Dieijen Newbie

          Do you mean, that you schedule a new timer, after the method that is executed the previous timer has finished?

          Can you give a code sample?

          If you want to 'cancel' a method that is executed using the @Timeout annotation, that's not possible by default. The method is just run as a Java Thread. Killing threads is deprecated for quite some time, and not recommended as that leads very quickly to unstable software.

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            Roded Hess Newbie

            Thanks for your reply. I'm now passed that problem and yet the fact that the method did not return puzzles me but I don't have time to investigate this issue.

            I just can say that it was related to creation of a web service which used https URL. From the minute we moved to work with http it was ok - I was just a client to this web service.

            BTW I'm familiar with thread cancel issue ("stop" by interrupt). The timer service instance got a null value. When a new timer was created and started the null timer was invoked as well this led to multiple timer instances without being able to control them.

            Thanks again and I wish I had time to keep on working on this as I'm prety I would discover lots of related an non related info.