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    Jboss 5 - Required Trans Type Session Bean calling Not_Suppo

    Maxime Turner Newbie

      Hi !

      This used to work in Jboss 4.2.3, but now I migrated to jBoss 5.1.0

      I have a Session Bean A with transaction type REQUIRED calling a method to another injected Session Bean B with NOT_SUPPORTED. In the method of session bean B, a checked exception (not runtime) is thrown.

      In session bean A, there's a catch to grab the checked exception.

      With jBoss 4.2.3: I'm able to catch the checked exception correctly.

      THE PROBLEM With jBoss 5.1.0: The checked exception is not directly thrown, it's a EJB Exception that is thrown (wrapping my checked exception)

      So is there anything i can do to prevent the container from wrapping my checked exception with an EJBException ?