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    user guide, example designs

    Thomas Hartwig Newbie

      I'm urgently missing some more documentation for end users of remoting. I'm quite new to remoting and EJB. I have good expirience with RMI, but I have major difficulties to understand and implement a good remote application with your framework.
      Can you give some more pointers to underlying concepts of your framework? One of the most difficult thing is how to do remote calls and interchange objects in detail? I know RMI stubs and interfaces, but how do I do this in jboss remoting. The examples I have seen are very flat and always only show connection establishing things. What I understand is the invocation handler in the server: invoke(InvocationRequest ir) but this seems quite to simple. How do I differ in different method calls then. Do I have to interpret the string which is supplied by the client?

      Thanks for some links

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          Tom Elrod Master

          I am pretty lost to what you are asking for in particular. Maybe a concrete example would help.

          If you are looking for a way to better define the invocation payload that is being passed to the invocation handler, might want to try using org.jboss.remoting.invocation.NameBasedInvocation. It provides a way to make invocations similar to the JMX style. There are many examples within the remoting test classes using NameBasedInvocations.

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            Thomas Hartwig Newbie

            Hi Tom,

            thanks for your reply I will look into the NameBasedInvocation you mentioned. Unfortunately it is even hard to formulate the problem itself for a rookie if he is not known with the technology. But your guess was quite right: the invocation is where I'm lost at. But your answer gives me a better start.
            What I wanted to critizise is the difficulty for a novice to get a feeling for good plain working example and a base to go further. I have seen your examples but was lost in them.

            JM2C and thanks for your help

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              Tom Elrod Master

              I appreciate the feedback. We are working on providing better examples and even some components which will make it easier. These will be in the 1.4.0 release (and hope to have the beta of this released within next week or so).