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    Compressing(Un)Marshaller - blocking read on server side

    Eric De Prez Newbie


      I modified the examples SimpleServer and SimpleClient in order to check out the compressing marshallers:

      added the following line in both classes before creating the SimpleClient/SimpleServer in main

      MarshalFactory.addMarshaller("compress", new CompressingMarshaller(), new CompressingUnMarshaller());

      and modified the locator to this:

      When running, the stuff, I could see that
      on the client side, in SocketClientInvoker.tansport() the marshaller writes its data without complain and blocks when trying to read response... seems normal.

      on the server side, in ServerThread.processInvocation(), in the following statement :
      Object obj = unmarshaller.read(socketWrapper.getInputStream(), null);

      the socketWrapper.getInputStream() goes down to ObjectInputStream's constructor which blocks on readStreamHeader() until a read timeout exception is thrown

      Anyone got a suggestion?