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    Detection of Local Servers

    Tyler Black Newbie

      Why is detection limited to server invokers on a remote JVM?

      This may seem like a silly question (JBoss Remoting), but I would like to be able to detect local server invokers as well. I'm looking at using remoting to perform asyncronous calls, some of which can be processed by the same JVM from which the call is being made.

      I'd like to hear your thoughts on why detections from "myself" are ignored.


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          Tom Elrod Master

          Just figured would be a nuisance since figured detection would be used to find remote servers to call on (may be a bad assumption).

          Although not as clean as just being able to accept local detections, could use:

          ServerInvoker invokers[] = InvokerRegistry.getServerInvokers();

          to get all the local invokers and add them to NetworkRegistry.

          However, since would be much faster if picked local server invoker to use (if it exists and is detected), I added a jira issue to allow for this (JBREM-278). So now can add 'local' tag to detector configuration to have accept local detections.