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    Pooled Invoker Thread Associations

    Mike Chack Newbie

      Cna anyone tell me what if any associations there are between client side and server side threads when using the pooled invoker?

      Is there only a single thread allocated from the pool that is used to handle all client side requests from multiple concurrent threads, or is there a thread per thread allocation model from the pool.

      The reason for asking this is that I have some server side behavior (not good, but can't be fixed at this time) that depends upon all transaction logic occuring in the same thread. This works well if initiated in the local JVM, but when remoted, this failed using the JRMP invoker as each method invocation resulted in a new server thread. Using the pooled invoker works to temporarily solve the problem, but I have only tested using a single remote client. I don't know what the expected behavior will be if run the client in multiple concurrent threads.

      Thanks for any help.