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    JBoss Remoting with JBossAS4.0.2.

    Kurt De Wit Newbie


      Possibly a very stupid question and a very easy one too I guess.
      Is it possible to set-up JBoss Remoting within JBoss AS 4.0.2? I know it's embedded with JBoss 4.0.4, but I am forced to use 4.0.2.
      If so, which JARs do I need to copy to which location since the lib folder of JBoss Remoting contains a lot of JARs that are allready included with JBossAS?

      I've tried to paste jboss-remoting.jar below the server/default/lib folder and I also put the example-service.xml below the deploy folder, but there seem to be missing some other vital libraries.
      During start-up JBoss complains about "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: org.jboss.test.remoting.transport.mock.MockServerInvocationHandler"...

      Thanks in advance for any advise!!


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          Kurt De Wit Newbie

          Oke, it was a stupid question :-)
          At least the second part. The "test"-classes are examples, not required classes according to the documentation.
          RTFM for the second part of my question thus :-))

          But my first question remains, what's the best part to put the JAR libraries and which are required to get Remoting up and running?


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            Tom Elrod Master

            First step would be to be to replace the jboss-remoting.jar as you mentioned. Only possible impact this might have is if are using ejb3, which uses remoting (otherwise, will have no other impact on JBossAS and even then, should be compatible with the newest remoting version).

            Next is which config you are using for remoting (transport, serialization, etc.). If using the socket or rmi transport, should not need any other jars. If using http, will need to copy tomcat-apr.jar, tomcat-coyote.jar, tomcat-http.jar, and tomcat-util.jar to the lib directory. If using jboss-serialization, will also need to add jboss-serialization.jar to lib directory.

            We have a jira issue to document all this (http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBREM-311), so should have it published soon. Also note, that since the classes are loaded on deman, won't know what classes you might be missing until actually make your call (which stinks, but is better than having to include all the transport jars when just using socket transport).

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              Kurt De Wit Newbie

              Thanks for your reply :-)