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    eclipse project missing junit

    mazz Master

      I see that .classpath and .project files have recently been checked into CVS.

      I used those instead of the ones I was using. But I'm getting these errors in Eclipse, all errors are in class:


      The import org.apache.tools cannot be resolved
      XMLJUnitResultFormatter cannot be resolved to a type
      JUnitTest cannot be resolved to a type

      The project is missing some ant optional classes that support JUnit.

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          Tom Elrod Master

          The XMLJunitMultiplesResultFormatter requires having ant-junit.jar in the lib directory of ant. It is used to process multiple outputs for the same test (so can have jboss and java serialization output files for the same test).

          I don't know anything about Eclipse (or what/how .classpath and .project are doing), but hope the above helps.

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            mazz Master

            It does help. The .project and .classpath files are all correct and do seem to setup the project's build path correctly. The problem is the built-in ANT that comes with Eclipse probably doesn't have this optional jar. I'll have to put it in there myself probably or just add it to the project's build path (thus augmenting my local copy of .classpath).