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    RichFaces Demo doesn't work properly under Glassfish on Fire

    Alexey Koloskov Newbie

      I downloaded ready to deploy richfaces-demo-3.2.1.GA-jee5.war, deployed it on Glassfish successfully. Samples with Rich Menu doesn't work on Firefox, error: "Invalid XML, line 882, character 1718". That character is 0x0.
      It seems that long lines aren't properly generated, e.g. I receive the following:
      onmouseover="if (RichFaces.Menu.isWithin(event, this)) return; this.className='dr-menu-item dr-menu-item-hover rich-menu-item rich-menu-item-hover ';; $('j_id221:j_id233').style.cssText='; ; ;'; $('j_id221:j_id233:icon').className='dr-menu-icon dr-menu-icon-selected rich-menu-item-icon rich�menu-item-icon-selected '; Element.addClassName($('j_id221:j_id233:anchor'), 'rich-menu-item-label-selected');" where after 'rich' zero character.
      IE works good.

      Does anybody have idea how to make RicheFaces generate valid html response.