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    how to know if a transport requires SSL configuration?

    mazz Master

      Is there an API that I can use where I can give it a transport name (e.g. "http", "sslsocket", etc) and it returns true or false to indicate if its a secure transport and requires SSL configuration? Something like:

      boolean isSecuredBySSL(String transport);

      If you have a remoting app that is running outside of a JBossAS container (and thus don't have the pretty way to configure things with the [mbean] element), but still want to be able to change transports via a configuration file, it would be nice to be able to force a fail-fast configuration error if a secure transport was specified but no SSL configuration properties were specified (for example - if no keystore exists I'd want to fail fast, rather than wait to be told when the connector is started). If this API exists, this would be possible.

      Today, you could do "if transport.startsWith("ssl") || transport.equals("https")" but that doesn't take into account any customized transports that are added to the registry during runtime.

      InvokerRegistry looks like the class that would have this knowledge and would be where such an API lives, but it doesn't have it.