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    InvokerLocator: Why always resolve(host) ?

    Jens Elkner Apprentice

      I'm currently trying to fix jboss to allow naming + ejb3 transport completely via http[s] and to get it working via tunneled connections.

      The problem I see is, that InvokerLocator always tries to resolve the host to an inetAddress/its own hostname in the constructor. This IMHO not very useful, since the client should resolve the address and NOT the server, because the server e.g. of an intranet may have a complete different view wrt DNS, than the requesting client, which may live in another intranet (i.e. has another DNS view). Also wrt. performance, it might be valueable to delegate that work to the client, anyway ...

      So what do you think?
      Or is it at least possible, to add a setter for scheme, host and port, so that one is able to overwrite bogus information ?