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    jmxconnector / jmx-remoting.sar

    Wen Gong Newbie

      I'd like to use JDK1.5 jmx connector (on the client side) with JBOSS for remotely adding listeners. As I understand it, only jmx-remoting.sar implements this for the server side. It will be available in JBOSS 5 -- which is not yet released?

      Can I deploy jmx-remoting.sar with jboss4.0.2 -- if I do not care about the security features?

      I am unable to find the deployment package for installation into jboss4.0.2. The jboss-remoting download seems not installable?



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          Tom Elrod Master

          You should be able to use jmx-remoting.sar with jboss4.0.2 (but I have not tested this). However, will require building JBossAS from CVS HEAD (which will put the jmx-remoting.sar directory in the build directory:


          Can then copy this directory to the deploy directory under JBossAS 4.0.x. If you want to use the JDK implementation, will need to run with JDK 1.5 (which will automatically use the JSR-160 implementation from JDK 1.5). If running JDK 1.4, will use our implementation. To change the configuration, will need to edit the jboss-service.xml file under jmx-remoting.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml.

          You will not need jboss-remoting for this.

          We could certainly use some help finishing out this implementation, so if you have an interest and the time, please let me know.