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    using one port for multiple TransporterServer and Connectors

    Reto Breitenmoser Newbie


      I have a client-server application. On the server side I created three TransporterServer and one Connector. Is it possible that I can use for all transporters and connectors the same port for the communication? I know that I can have all transporters over one port (branch 2.0) and also the connectors, but is it possible to have the transporters and connectors over one port? And is this also possible with the release 1.4.4?


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          Tom Elrod Master

          In the 2.0 release, will be able to re-use the same transporter and add multiple target pojo's, which will have them using the same port (as will be using the same Connector underneath). However, if try to create two transporter servers with the same locator url, will get an exception because the second will try to create a new Connector with the same locator url (i.e. port).

          If you have a use case to be able to do this (where transporter server is smart enough to find and re-use existing Connector of another transporter server), pleaes open a feature request in jira and put in use case. Also, put in what expected behavior should be when try adding the same pojo target twice (once for each transporter server instance).

          Also, won't be able to do any of this in 1.4.4. It is just a minor patch release to the 1.4 branch. No new development is being done on that branch (but 2.0 should be release within a few weeks... God willing ;) ).