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    connection validator

    mazz Master

      I'm noticing a lot of short lived threads getting created.

      They seem to be created ConnectionValidator.

      Is there anyway we can get it to use a thread pool or otherwise limit the number of threads it creates and destroys? While I can't prove it (yet), I'm assuming this large amount of threads that are created and quickly destroyed will have a detrimental effect on my overall VM's performance.

      What is this used for? Is there anyway I can disable it?

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          Tom Elrod Master

          ConnectionValidator is used to make a ping request on the server. It is used in two scenarios. The first is if register a connection listener with the client to be notified when a server has died. The second is for a detector to check a suspected dead server is indeed dead.

          There was a change made (see JBREM-530) so that when the connection validator made a call on the server, it would use a new thread to make this call and then if thread didn't return within some timeout (5 seconds), the connection check would return false. Eventually the calling thread would timeout and exit. This was originally done this way because didn't know which client invoker instance would be using and since might the same one that other clients where using, didn't want to change the config (i.e. make the timeout 1 second) since would impact the other clients. However, have found a way around this so that can use a separate client invoker for making this call and still maintain all the config that might be needed to make the call, which is checked in (JBREM-555)