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    How to make asynchronous calls using Transporter?

    vivek v Newbie

      There is an example on one-way invocation (section 10.3) and callbacks (section 10.5), but both use the InvocationHandler to get the request. I wanted to find out if there is a similar way to do asynchronous and callbacks using transporter when I am using simple POJOs.

      Basically, I would like to make a method call on a POJO and then return immediately. The server should be able to callback the Client once the results are ready. We need this in case when large reports are run,

      1) Client calls a method passing a set of parameters
      2) Server receives the request and spawns a thread. It immediately returns back to the Client so the Client is free to do other stuff.
      3) When the request has been completed (report generated), the server will callback Client with the response.
      4) Client gets the response and renders the report.

      Any examples would be great.