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    when will JBossAS get packaged with Remoting 2.0?

    mazz Master

      I have 2 questions regarding the Remoting jar shipping in JBossAS.

      1) Can I assume from http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBAS-3272 that JBoss/Remoting 2.x will be packaged with the next GA of JBossAS? It doesn't explicitly spell that out, but I think that's what the gist of it is.

      2) Currently, 4.0.5.GA ships with the older Remoting 1.4. I understand that some things will NOT work if I drop in Remoting 2.0 jar into 4.0.5.GA (over top of its 1.4 jar). But - question is, WHAT won't work? As far as I can tell, Web Services will be broken, but that's all I could find. Curious to know if there are other known JBossAS components that won't work with 2.0 that do work with 1.4

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          Tom Elrod Master

          1) The two issues are when/what/if web services updates for the next jbossas release (should be, but don't have all the details yet) and which version they will update to. 2.0.0 is GA and 2.2.0 is alpha 4 with beta 1 due in a few weeks (hopefully). I think messaging needs the 2.2.0, so if can get it done in time for jbossws, will probably be that.

          2) Only jbossws, ejb3, and unified invokers (which is not default invoker for ejb 2.x in any 4.x release of jbossas) will have problems if dropin remoting 2.x. messaging deploys with scoped remoting jar (which is something like 2.2.0.alpha2)