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    Connecting to EJB on JBoss without using jboss jars

    Anne Forumer Newbie

      JBoss-4.0.4-CR2 with EJB3, JDK5

      I have an EJB installed on JBoss server. A client needs to connect to this EJB and retrieve some Value Object classes. These Value Object classes are not dependent on any of the jboss classes.

      Presently, I have specified JBoss as the JNDI provider in the property file for initialContext. So I have to include many of the jboss client, AOP, Aspect jars. I'd like to make this client more generic and not be dependent on jboss jars.

      Is there a default JNDI provider that comes with JDK5 that I can use for this purpose? What properties, and their values, should I specify in the initialContext provider file. I searched and couldn't find a jndi.properties in the JDK 5 distribution.

      Thanks in advance for your help.