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    Remoting over https; where to put NoThrowOnError=true

    Jesper Berglund Newbie

      I dont know if this is the right forum, but it is a complicated question, so please bare with me. (and yes, this is a repost in a more correct forum )

      We are using the a swing frontend against a JBoss server. There are no problem using jnp to communicate and run the client but now we have enabled https and got that to work( in spite of VERY sparce documentation ).

      The problem we are facing is that some exceptions are caught and rethrown as WebServerError.
      We have to set the NoThrowOnError=true in the meta data that is sent to the server. We have read Chapter 5: Configuration, but there is no "Insert configuration here" clause inserted next to the NoThrowOnError text ;-)

      So, where do we put that information so that it is either sent to the server in all requests OR put it in a servlet configuration so that it is generally executed.

      We are using JBoss 4.2.0.GA.

      ALL suggestions are very welcome!

      /Jesper Berglund

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          Ron Sigal Master


          It looks like the "org.jboss.remoting.transport.http.HTTPMetadataConstants" section in Chapter 5 of the Remoting Guide is somewhat misleading. Unlike the other constants in that section, NO_THROW_ON_ERROR is used only on the client side. It is only after an Exception has been returned from the server that the value of NO_THROW_ON_ERROR is consulted. What you want to do is pass NO_THROW_ON_ERROR as follows:

           Client client = new Client(...);
           Object param = ... ;
           HashMap metadata = new HashMap();
           metadata.put(HTTPMetadataConstants.NO_THROW_ON_ERROR, "true");
           client.invoke(param, metadata);

          Sorry for the confusion.