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    Bisocket transport sample code?

    Ron Sigal Master



      Is there any example I can run to experience Bisocket in jboss-remoting?


      Erez Harari

      Axcepia Technologies

      Hi Erez,

      That's a good question, and I've created JBREM-773 "Create bisocket sample code" in response. For now, you could look at the unit tests in org.jboss.test.remoting.transport.bisocket.BisocketTestCase, e.g., testAlternatingInvocationsAndCallbacks(). Superficially, though, the code using bisocket doesn't look much different than it would if it used the socket transport, other than some configuration parameters. The real difference is behind the API, in the handling of callback connections.

      Of course, one of the goals of Remoting is to present a unifed API that hides transport details.