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    RMI over HTTP performance

    Greg Caulton Newbie

      Are there any performance tips you can share? I have RMI running over HTTP following http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=EJBOverHTTP with a clean version of 4.2.0

      It is relatively slow, considering my connection and the client and server hardware. As a test case I have a single object with around 50 fields that I pull from the server. Locally I get

      local execute x100 12ms avg max 63ms

      Over RMI/HTTP to my server

      wan execute x100 710ms avg max 906ms

      *** 50 times slower
      I have a fast cable internet connection, the server is dedicated with reasonably comparable specs.

      Testing the retrieval of 400 large objects all at one

      LAN RMI
      local execute x5 2237ms avg max 2516ms

      WAN RMI over HTTP
      wan execute x5 9871ms avg max 10422ms

      *** 4 times slower

      So perhaps there is call overhead that can be tuned?