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    Is Remoting the right technology for this task ?

    Daniel Kane Novice

      Dear colleagues,

      I have standalone multithreaded socket server application for some devices.
      This socket server application is EJB client for JBoss server.

      I want to eliminate one communication layer , so that devices can connect directly to appication deployed on JBoss application server.

      Devices has their own low level communication protocol over TCP/IP, which is not any of well known protocols. So I need to read data directly from socket connection and then parse.

      Is it possible with Remoting ? If not, is it possible with JBoss at all ?

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          Ron Sigal Master

          Interesting question. Let's see if I understand. You have devices communicating with your server application, which then makes EJB calls. And you want the devices to make the EJB calls themselves?

          If I understand correctly, then the answer is "it's possible but not necessarily trivial". EJB's don't care how the method invocations get to them. In fact, people regularly use a number of different transports, both inside and outside Remoting, to communicate with EJB's on the JBoss Application Server. Of the Remoting transports, the most commonly used are probably the socket and the http transports. It sounds like you want to replace the built-in Remoting transports with one (or more) of your own. In fact, new transports can be plugged into Remoting, though they may not be trivial to write. If this is what you want to do, then I can probably give you some guidance.

          If I don't understand, then please clarify.