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    Can data synchronization be done between standalone applicat

    Srikanth SriT Newbie

      Data synchronization has to be done between a swing based standalone application DataBase and web(Tomcat) application DB, when transaction is done from both sides. Can synchronization be done on 2 different application DB's using Remoting? What remoting transport has to be used and how it can be achieved?
      Please provide a reference to a document or article and give suggestions.

      Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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          Ron Sigal Master

          Are you saying that you need to synchronize the contents of two databases and you want to use Remoting? Remoting is a fairly low level framework for distributed invocations. On the one hand, its capabilities are quite general, so I believe that you could use Remoting. On the other hand, it certainly has no special built in facilities for database synchronization. I would think that there are other easier ways to accomplish your goal.