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    Poyan Gerami Novice

      I use jboss messaging 1.4.0.CR1.
      I somtimes get this message in the log:

      2007-10-03 09:42:47,977 ERROR [WorkerThread#12[]] [org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread] Worker thread initialization failure
      java.io.IOException: Can not read data for version 255. Supported versions: 1,2,22
       at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread.versionedRead(ServerThread.java:660)
       at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread.processInvocation(ServerThread.java:530)
       at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread.dorun(ServerThread.java:369)
       at org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread.run(ServerThread.java:165)

      any ideas what that can be ?

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          mazz Master

          check your client and server's jboss remoting versions. Probably an incompatible mismatch.

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            Poyan Gerami Novice

            Ok, thanks.
            Another quastion, do you know witch port should be open in the firewall so client can connect to jboss messaging.

            I have open the bisocket port and naming port, but it still problem.

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              Ron Sigal Master

              Hi Poyan,

              The Remoting bisocket transport used by JBossMessaging has a second ServerSocket on the server which has to be accessible. Bisocket was designed for the use case in which the client was behind a firewall but the server was not, and the second ServerSocket used a random port. Since Remoting version 2.2.2.GA, the second port has been configurable: see JIRA issue JBREM-749 "BisocketServerInvoker: Make configurable the address and port of secondary server socket" (http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBREM-749.

              The remoting jar (jboss-remoting.jar) for version 2.2.2.GA (or later - the most current release is 2.2.2.SP2) is available from http://repository.jboss.com/jboss/remoting/. You need to put the jar in the lib directory of your particular server configuration: e.g., $JBOSS_HOME/server/messaging/lib.

              Also, you need to configure the secondary port in server/messaging/deploy/jboss-messaging.sar/remoting-bisocket-service.xml. For example, to set the secondary port to 5445, add the secondaryBindPort attribute as follows:

               <mbean code="org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector"
               display-name="Bisocket Transport Connector">
               <attribute name="Configuration">
               <invoker transport="bisocket">
               <attribute name="marshaller" isParam="true">org.jboss.jms.wireformat.JMSWireFormat</attribute>
               <attribute name="unmarshaller" isParam="true">org.jboss.jms.wireformat.JMSWireFormat</attribute>
               <attribute name="dataType" isParam="true">jms</attribute>
               <attribute name="socket.check_connection" isParam="true">false</attribute>
               <attribute name="timeout" isParam="true">0</attribute>
               <attribute name="serverBindAddress">${jboss.bind.address}</attribute>
               <attribute name="serverBindPort">4457</attribute>
               <attribute name="leasePeriod">10000</attribute>
               <attribute name="clientSocketClass" isParam="true">org.jboss.jms.client.remoting.ClientSocketWrapper</attribute>
               <attribute name="serverSocketClass" isParam="true">org.jboss.jms.server.remoting.ServerSocketWrapper</attribute>
               <attribute name="numberOfRetries" isParam="true">1</attribute>
               <attribute name="numberOfCallRetries" isParam="true">1</attribute>
               <attribute name="clientMaxPoolSize" isParam="true">50</attribute>
               <attribute name="secondaryBindPort">5445</attribute>
               <handler subsystem="JMS">org.jboss.jms.server.remoting.JMSServerInvocationHandler</handler>

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                Poyan Gerami Novice

                thanks. works